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Letter to the editor | Potholes

Dear Editor,


It was with particular interest that I read Andrew Fells’ letter on Friday about the potholes in Summerley Lane.


I was driving from the Gribble Inn to the A259 on Colworth Lane on Thursday evening when I encountered a large sheet of water.


I was not too concerned as I drive a 4×4. However, half-way through, there was a heavy bang from the front suspension.
just a little way on, there were two cars parked up and on enquiring if they were OK I was told that both of them were waiting for a breakdown truck having sustained damage from the hidden pothole.


I was concerned for the safety of others so I reported it to police and sent an email to West Sussex highways.


It took an hour. I followed this up with a phone call on Friday to be told two more reports had been received.


The follow-up email said it could be 10 days before anyone investigated. I found that I had sustained damage to the wheel rim requiring a new wheel costing over £700.


What an awful waste of money and the lack of urgency shown by highways is appalling.


Andrew blames the problem on ‘the authorities’. However, I believe the responsibility lies with the Tory government which has starved local government of cash for years in the name of austerity, a policy which is now being reversed by a Tory government as if they had no responsibility in the first place.


Pot holes in the road are a metaphor for the narrowmindedness of those seeking to shrink the state using the banking crises as an excuse.


In so many areas, lack of funds have, and are, leading to extra costs.


Social care, housing, education, prisons, welfare and the NHS are all where neglect is having a knock-on effect.


John Hayes,
Old Rectory Gardens,

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