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Letter to the editor | Potholes

Dear Editor,


Isn’t it about time that something was done about the seemingly massive incompetence of those who are responsible for maintaining our roads?


A large (one metre radius), deep (six inches) pothole appeared several months ago at the corner of Summerley Lane and Limmer Lane in Felpham.


After notifications from myself and other local residents that this pothole was not only deep enough to cause extensive damage to the suspension and wheels of cars, but also an accident waiting to happen for anyone on two wheels who had the misfortune to ride through it when it was full (and it invariably was) with water, the authorities duly filled the pothole with Tarmac.


Shortly afterwards, during the next storm, the Tarmac was unsurprisingly washed away.


The authorities returned after a suitable delay to re-fill it with Tarmac.


You can see where this is going. Two weeks ago, during the most recent storm, the Tarmac was again washed away, leaving an even larger pothole and road material scattered around the adjoining surfaces.


Despite these lamentable and amateur attempts at repair, residents were encouraged when a Tarmac laying machine appeared in Summerley Lane accompanied by a noticeboard announcing that works would be carried out during the forthcoming week.


This sense of euphoria was sadly but inevitably replaced by a feeling of disbelief when it transpired that the only work carried out was the construction of two sets of speed bumps.


The offending pothole (and others further up the road) was not touched, and remains to this day as a traffic hazard and a shining example of the ineptitude of those responsible for wasting public money.


Doubtless the authorities will blame the weather, but some will surely question whether the simple dumping of Tarmac in a hole constitutes a professional repair.


If the authorities are too busy to organise properly this sort of work, then maybe it could be assigned to other organisations, such as the boy scouts.


Andrew J Fells

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