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Letter to the editor | Quarantine

Dear Editor


Viva Espana!


We are currently under quarantine in Spain on a caravan park. We were told we have to leave in seven days on Friday.


Two Ryanair flights we booked have been cancelled. We are hoping we can fly with BA on Monday.


We would have preferred to stay here because the Spanish government seem to know what they are doing and we feel safe. There is food in the supermarkets and while everything else is closed down, people are staying at home.


We read about the infighting that went on last week between the government and the experts. We all know what Michael Gove said about experts. Fortunately, after the omnishambles, the experts have prevailed.


How many lives will this have cost?


Johnson jokes about the efforts to get more respirators, calling it Operation Last Gasp! Our medics are not being properly protected due to lack of personal protective equipment.


Our daughter, who has an elderly husband, tried to contact a grocer online about a delivery and a was told she was 7,386rd. An elderly neighbour in Felpham has accepted an earliest Waitrose delivery slot for April 23.


What has happened to us British? Look over the water to America for a possible answer. Unfettered capitalism with share prices more important than death rates.


Journalists lambasted for speaking truth to power. That’s the route we are taking.


Credit to the Chancellor for his promises of help but are they pie crust promises, like the money on the side of the Brexit bus?


Of course, it is only happening because Her Majesty’s opposition are also useless. Will we ever get back to sensible middle of the road politics? and don’t get me on to the state of the roads.


John Hayes,

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