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Lockdown sees town centre empty of midweek shoppers

Shops were shuttered in Bognor Regis town centre this week.


Just eight or so outlets in the London Road precinct were open after strict rules were introduced by the government to limit people’s movement and restrict the spread of coronavirus.


The outlets still open were mainly selling food and medical products to the few pedestrians about who had the precinct to themselves.


Yesterday lunchtime saw some 20 people scattered around the area. Those who did want to go shopping found limits in place for the number of shoppers allowed in at any time.


This was to allow the minimum space of two metres between people to be observed for social distancing.


Heather Allen, the co-ordinator for Bognor Regis business improvement district, told its members: “The Prime Minister’s message to the country on Monday was clear: ‘Stay at home’.


“The instructions allowed people to leave their homes for a limited number of reasons, and only if essential.


“The government identified sectors of businesses considered to be ‘essential’, and ordered all other physical businesses that did not fit into those categories to close. This is very clear and unambiguous.”


Employers also had to ensure employees, where possible, kept 2m away from others and often wash their hands with soap and water, she added.

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