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New lights raise standard of prom

Walkers and cyclists will have easier journeys along Felpham seafront thanks to new lights.


The solar-powered lamp-posts mean the stretch of promenade between Longbrook Park and Sea Road will be illuminated for the first time since it was built decades ago.


Felpham Parish Council has spent some £7,000 installing the lights. Two of them are in place alongside the park. The third will be opposite the Environment Agency’s pumping station on the Aldingbourne Rife.


Council chairman Dave Smart said: “We had a project list for 2019/20 and lighting the promenade was on that list.


“It was something we identified would be a positive thing to do. Since the first light went up, there have been quite a lot of comments coming in, saying it has been a good thing to do. So we are pleased about that.”


The parish council worked with Arun District Council, as the planning authority, to decide the best places for the lighting columns.


The latest lights continue work by the parish council to brighten up its seafront. It began around the millennium with lights around Blakes Road.


This was carried out a few years ago with the initial three solar-powered lights between the Lobster Pot cafe and Sea Road.


b “We want to make sure the promenade is a safe and enjoyable place to use at any time of day and at any time of the year,” added Cllr Smart.

Posted in Local Developments, News.