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New uni bedrooms on campus backed

Extra bedrooms have been approved for students in Bognor Regis.


The additional accommodation at the town’s campus of the University of Chichester is aimed at boosting its economic impact on the town.


Arun District Council backed the 176 rooms on land to the east of the current buildings on the Upper Bognor Road site.


Planning officer Simon Davis says in his report: “In assessing this application, there is support for the expansion of the Bognor Regis campus as set out in the Arun local plan and the Bognor Regis neighbourhood development plan.


“The site benefits from an extant permission for a building of 136 student bedrooms.


“The proposal is essentially the same as that approved except for the increase in height at the western end, the addition of new emergency escape stair cores at each end, resulting in a slight increase in footprint, and an increase in the bedrooms from 131 to 176.”


The university expects an increase in the number of student places at the campus up to 1,500 by 2023/24, with 300 work placements in the local economy boosting the amount of student spending in the town by £12.4m a year.


Providing more student rooms at the campus would also improve the town’s stock of houses for use, says Mr Davis.


“It is considered student accommodation here will benefit the stock of family-sized housing in the wider settlement by reducing demand for student occupation,” Mr Davis adds.


The scheme was opposed by Bognor Regis Town Council. Its members stated its unsympathetic and austere design would have a negative effect on its setting next to listed buildings and a conservation area.


They said the proposals were wrong for such an important entrance to the town centre for motorists.

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