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NYE Camp News by Harvey Whyte

Our recent defeat at Haringey Borough was what I would call a typical Bognor game.


We completely dominated the game and lost.


The match was played in a gale force wind and in the first half they did not get out of their half at all.


In the second half we were playing against the wind and we still had the majority of the possession.


They had one shot from distance which went in and a counter attack but managed to score two goals.


We ended up losing the game and this is a problem that has been associated with Bognor for quite a while.


Certainly since I have been here we can completely dominate games and end up drawing them or losing.


It is a recurring theme. It is not just this season either.


If you speak to someone who watches us regularly it is a common problem.


Because we play so much football, we also tend to dominate most of our games.


Against Haringey that was the case and we just didn’t get the result.


And that’s why I will take the victory over Lewes which followed all day long from now until the end of the season.


It was not a great game but, in my opinion, the result was more important than the performance.


We are now getting down to the last part of the football season and I would take playing badly in every game we have but winning 1-0, 100% I would.


Our run-in to the play-offs is probably not as bad as some of the other teams but we are ten points behind and have three games in hand.


It is doable but it is also a tough ask so results are more important than performances in my opinion at the moment, although, we would obviously like both.


The management and the players know we are going to have to be better throughout the final run-in to try to get where we want to be.


I am not one for analysing the games coming up. People have told me about the run-in but I tend to just concentrate on the next game.


I don’t tend to know how the other teams are doing, although you do hear about Worthing as they are local rivals at the top.


But I do not pay that much attention to who the form teams are because this league is ridiculously unpredictable.


Anyone can beat anyone at this level.


It is Merstham tomorrow and there are a lot of teams around them they will be trying to drag in to the battle, so we know they will be up for it.


After Merstham we play Horsham away next Tuesday and their new ground.


That promises to be another tough game from a side who have done well since promotion under their manager Dom Di Paola.


I am glad to be back in action obviously. My recent red card against Brighton and Hove Albion has, thankfully, only ruled me out of Sussex Senior Cup matches.


We are out of that now so that will only be a factor next season. It is a bonus for me that I can continue to play a role in the league for Rocks.


Also, we are now getting a few players back. Hopefully, Joe Cook and Jake Flannigan will play now.


We have also brought Kristian Campbell back, we know him from before and he is a really good player.


As a team, we have given ourselves every opportunity to do everything we can to get into the play-offs.

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