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NYE Camp News by Liam Goodley

Life without football at this time of year is really strange. But I hope every reader and Rocks fan across the globe is staying safe and following the guidelines set by the government to stay home as much as possible at this point in time.


The coronavirus has hit this country and indeed the rest of the world hard and it has already seen most football leagues suspended and they are likely to become null and void.


I understand it’s the safest thing to do when the whole world is in jeopardy – it has affected everything in terms of world entertainment and social gatherings.


I watch the daily updates with Boris Johnson and it is amazing how things have changed since just over a week or two ago. Whether it will become as bad as it has in Italy and Spain is yet to be seen.


The last game we saw away to Horsham was a comfortable 2-0 victory, Tommy Leigh netting a unstoppable strike low beyond the goalkeeper’s reach and then a follow-up in the second half by Harvey Whyte pouncing on the rebound off the crossbar to poke home from close range.


Although Horsham had a lot of possession, I felt they were poor in the final third when it came to getting shots on target.


They managed to get crosses in but the likes of Joe Cook and Amadou Tangara kept them out. Whether that is the last game of this season is yet to be seen at the time of writing this.


But a nice way to end the season if that’s the case.


There’s lots of banter on WhatsApp about whether Worthing have to wait longer to see if they get promoted. Most of the discussion centres on whether the season becomes null and void.


Also, whether the records will be wiped for this season, meaning they haven’t beaten us still at Nyewood Lane since 1999!


In a way, it’s a shame for our players as well as I still think we had an outside chance of reaching the play-offs. Others were saying it wasn’t possible at the Horsham game.


I think we would have been close. We still had games left to make a difference and although we still had Cray Wanderers to play away, I felt the other matches would have seen us as favourites.


It will be a shame to stop/cancel the season as if it didn’t exist. You can understand it, given the circumstances. But we will always remember the season that never was!


I am missing all of the long journeys to away games now as well.


There’s always a great atmosphere on the Rocks on Tour travel coach trips. Banter is at its peak and I am afraid I won’t get to go to Brightlingsea Regent this season! Or Cheshunt for that matter. I have never been to either ground. Next season it is then?


We are in a very worrying time when everything is closed and people are panic-buying. Having Rocks withdrawal symptoms is strange – especially this early in the year.


So thanks to Kenneth Wood I managed to purchase both the yellow and blue goalkeeper shirts to keep me sane while there is no Bognor football to watch. I couldn’t resist. Thoughts must be looking to next season now and I hope we are able to build a strong side for that campaign. At least we have Amadou signed! Stay safe everyone.



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