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Residents rally to support Richard’s marathon for Alzheimers Research

An Aldwick hairdresser has thanked residents for their support in raising money for Alzheimers Research UK.


Richard Pearce, owner of Richard Pearce Hairdressing, and his team carried out cut and blowdry services on February 25 asking simply for donations reflecting the value of the service.


He said: “The response was fantastic. I’m delighted to say that we raised a whopping £1,165.25 on the day.


“The whole event was to promote awareness and provide vital funds to research which is making huge leaps towards stopping this vile illness that steals memories and personalities from its victims and their loved ones.


“I am running through wind and rain five times a week to train to complete the 26 mile London Marathon on April 26 to raise as much money as I can. The sponsorship and support has been immense so far. It is my privilege to run for Alzheimers Research in memory of my dear mum- in-law and my nan, who were taken by dementia.”


Richard Pearce Hairdressing will be repeating the event on Tuesday, again donating every penny on cut and blowdry appointments.


“Donations will be gratefully received in salon until April 26.”


You can also show support online at Richard’s London Marathon giving page:

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