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Residents urged to join in saving pub

Supporters of re-opening an Aldwick pub were out on the streets again to gather support for their scheme.


The Aldwick Community Society and Friends of The Ship Inn members spent Saturday morning at three sites in the area publishing their share issue.


Shares worth £500,000 are on sale – at a minimum investment of £100 – to restore the pub from a closed convenience store.


Roger Beam, the society’s chairman, said: “We have sold £31,000-worth of shares. I’m expecting an investment of £25,000 coming in very soon.


“I would rather we had got to £100,000 by now but we are starting to get through.


“I am still confident this is going to happen. It might be difficult for the owners to sell the building to One-Stop Shops given the present circumstances.


“We’ve had a tremendous reaction from the people we have seen. They want to see the pub as a community hub.”


The share issue is open until April 18 – but it might be extended as a result of the coronavirus crisis.


the share issue will continue to be promoted at Tudor News, Aldwick Street; Craigweil News, Barrack Lane; and Rose Green post office, Rose Green Road, on Saturday mornings until the deadline.


The society needs to raise at least £450,000 to go ahead with the purchase and stop the building becoming a One-Stop Shop.


It will cost £300,000 more to create a pub. But Mr Beam said financial forecasts showed it would always make money from an initial £16,000 profit a year.


One-Stop Shops is waiting planning approval for its proposed delivery schedule for the planned store.

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