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Sky’s the limit for council’s actions

A year of taking action to help to tackle climate change has saved Felpham residents thousands of pounds.


Parish council members are saving electricity and power with two projects to cut its consumption. They initially installed solar panels on the roof of its Felpham Community Centre in Meaden Way a year ago and recently installed three sun-powered lights on the seafront.


They have saved £2,380 on the council’s electricity bill and received another £1,119 from the sale of the excess power generated back to the National Grid.


Cllr Dave Smart, the parish council’s chairman, said: “We don’t own or operate many assets, but we are showing we can still have an impact in the fight against climate change.


“The savings at the community charge are after just one year and should be repeated for the next 19 years at least.”


The energy saved by the panels would power the average home for more than a year. They have also saved more than 1.81 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.


On top of that, 16,470kWh of electricity was put back into the National Grid for others to use – enough to power another four homes for more than a year.


This also saved more than 4.662 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released. The total amount of the environmental saving of the gas from the panels is equal to the amount six homes would produce in a year.


The solar panels cost £14,000 to install. But Cllr Smart said he was convinced the parish would see the financial benefits from them for years to come.


“The council is very aware that we are spending tax income from local residents and we need to spend wisely,” he said.


“We are confident that the solar panels will pay for themselves in another four years but the parish will be reaping the benefits – both environment and financial – for another 19 years or more.”

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