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Team Bartons enjoy their proud moment

By Lotte Pegler


Celebrations were in order after Bartons Primary School was praised by Ofsted.


Their latest Ofsted rating, published on January 16, branded the school in North Bersted as Good across all areas, saying the pupils enjoy coming to school and being part of ‘Team Bartons.’


The final report, led by Linda Appleby, said: “The school values of ‘independence, respect, communication, happiness, responsibility and creativity’ are well understood by pupils. They demonstrate these in all areas of school life. This means that pupils are kind to each other and work well together.


“Pupils work hard in lessons and do not give up if they find their work difficult. Staff have high expectations for pupils and encourage them to do their best.


“Leaders have made sure pupils are taught well and are learning the skills that they need to be ready for secondary school. Pupils behave well in class. They enjoy their lessons; they find them fun and exciting.


“Pupils feel safe at school. They say that everyone is welcomed and that they make sure that no one is left out. They told us that bullying is very rare. They know that staff would deal with any problem quickly.”


No one was more pleased with the result than headteacher Kate Powell.


She said: “The children were amazing during the two days and you can’t fake that.


“The examiners were down to earth – if things hadn’t been right, they would have told me but they were very complimentary about all of the children’s attitudes and work ethic.


“We’re prioritising doing the right things at the right time and that’s what has led to our improvement. If you want to do better all the time you’ve got to have areas we want to improve so we can make it really, really amazing for the children.


“We’re striving for the best and it’s not about us, it’s for the children and that’s the most important thing. We’re not going to just stop trying now the Ofsted has been done, it’s about the children and the standards, we can always improve.


“Our parents agree. They did a survey and 100 per cent supported what we were saying and that’s the great thing about when it goes well with Oftsed.


“She liked the Team Bartons idea and I’m really proud of that because I introduced it when I arrived. That’s done its job, it’s a good benchmark with the children so I think that’s why we do hold all the values so dear and the children do too.”


“We are officially a new primary school so as a new school it’s a huge deal!”

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