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Top TV hair stylist visits the college

Hair students at Chichester College enjoyed a master class in styling by one of the best in the business.


Renowned hair stylist and head judge of TV’s Extreme Hair Wars, Martyn Holmes visited the college to give the students a special demonstration in styling and answering their questions about his background and his life in the industry.


He then spent time working with the students as they aimed to recreate the glamorous look themselves.


Lucie Collucio was one of the students enjoying the opportunity. She said: “It’s nice to meet someone and for them to be honest with you about everything in hairdressing, and how far you can actually go.


“I’ve learnt a lot today, particularly the technique of cooling the hair off once we’ve tonged it. I think that will be really helpful for me going forward.”


This was Martyn’s second visit to Chichester College, as he works closely with Lee Stafford Education to deliver training and inspire students at Lee Stafford’s partner colleges around the country.


Martyn said: “I think it’s important for people like me to come in, so that younger people can see that I’m just the same as them – I’ve just been in the game a lot longer.


“Sometimes when we look to our peers they scare us, but there’s no need to be scared. These are the people who you can learn from.


“By me coming in and being myself, people can see I’m just a normal bloke. I’m just a normal Essex boy.


“I’ve worked hard, I love my industry and, for me, I can’t take all this knowledge to my grave so it’s important to share it with the future generation.”

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