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Yobs target town firm in vandalism

Vandals have cost a Bognor Regis company thousands of pounds in damaged vehicles.


The three individuals, who appear to be youths, attacked the vehicles at the front of Bognor Motors. It will cost about £2,000 to repair them.


The incident at the firm’s premises in Christie Place, on the Durban Road industrial estate, saddened and annoyed of its directors.


Oli Hicklin said: “The country is on lockdown at the moment, and we are all supposed to be looking after each other, and this has happened.


“We are still open because the government has said garages are an essential business but we are obviously running on a limited amount of staff.


“We could be going to cut down on our staff further and every penny counts at the moment.


“I have spoken to our insurers and it is just not worth us claiming on our policy. We don’t need to be spending money on repairing damage caused by vandals. What has happened just saddens me.”


The vandalism occurred at 11.02pm on Monday. The company’s CCTV footage shows three individuals coming on to the premises.


They start by kicking the wing mirrors off a VW and one repeatedly throws stones at the windscreen of a Transit minibus to leave it smashed in several places.


That was followed by wrecking the wing mirrors of a Kia car.


Mr Hicklin said the vandalism had prompted the company to move all its vehicles off the forecourt overnight to stop another incident.


“It does seem to be youths. I hope someone will be able to pass on the names of those responsible to the police,” he said.


“I know we have a great community – I’ve seen that from the charity fundraising I’ve done – and we all need to work together and pull together at the moment.”


The coronavirus epidemic has seen the company set up its cleansing regimes for its vehicles.


Customers return their keys through a chute and staff wear gloves to handle them.


Vehicles are given what Mr Hicklin described as a stringent ‘anti-vac’ routine before they are available to be hired again.


The vandalism was the first suffered by Bognor Motors since a car on its premises was set on fire five years ago.


About five years before that, the windscreens of all its vehicles on display were smashed.

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