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Charity hosts virtual walk during coronavirus pandemic

A children’s charity has marked their year’s annual walk with a virtual walk instead.


The Sussex Snowdrop Trust provides vital nursing care, emotional and financial support for families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. The charity has run this important social and fundraising event for the past 26 years with the kind permission of the Duke of Norfolk in Arundel.


The event can attract over 800 people who gather to enjoy a one or five mile walk. Many use the opportunity to meet up with friends and families and to raise funds through registration and sponsorship for the walk.


Last year, saw how popular the event had become with dog walkers as well, each dog receiving a rossette and each child was presented with a medal for their achievement. This year, however the annual walk was not able to take place and a new initiative was taken.



Di Levantine, chairman and co founder of The Sussex Snowdrop Trust explains: “Our annual walk is a real highlight for our Snowdrop families, supporters, nurses and counsellor as we meet up and enjoy the countryside.


“There is a wonderful community feel as we draw on marque and equipment company to help set up. The event requires the support of over 40 volunteers from cake bakers, stewards, tea servers, toy and sweet stall holders to car park attendees.


“However, due to the Covid pandemic, our Snowdrop families are ‘shielded’ and the public are advised to stay at home so the charity had to look an alternative style of event.


“We dearly wanted to mark this special event and we hope this ‘virtual walk’ allows people to feel a connection with the charity and the countryside.


“The footage captures the beauty of Arundel Castle Estate Park with the sound of sheep bleating, an abundance of bird song and there is even a glimpse of deer darting through the woods. We have saved a new date for our actual annual walk which is currently Sunday, September 13.


“We are obviously monitoring government guidelines before a final decision is made at the end of July whether it will be safe to proceed with this outdoor event.


” In the meantime, we would love people to experience this virtual walk from the comfort of their own home. It is beautiful and uplifting as we hope for better days ahead.”


The video is called ‘The Sussex Snowdrop Trust Virtual Walk’ and can be found at:

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