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Letter | A Story in Rhythm – What Really Happened

A virus came to Britain, one we cannot see

A virus never heard of that became a mystery

It visited our planet from where we’ll never know

It killed so many people & made the dying slow



The world changed very quickly & caused a lot of pain

The hospitals were crowded, the NHS in vain

It separated loved ones

Was like the war again



Then came the regulations that almost broke your heart

Like wash your hands more often & keep 6 feet apart

The shops were almost empty, the toilet rolls sold first

& when it came to myself, I thought I was cursed



Some people don’t obey the rules, but something police must do

Be more strict & tell them off & save a life or two

To thanks the NHS along, each Thursday we all meet

With drums & bells, & clap our hands all along our street



It got so bad that shops shut down

& not a bus to go to town

It came to rules we had to keep

To rid this virus from our streets



The isolations were hard to do

& loneliness came rushing through

Most contacts were made by phone,

So people never felt alone



Please God don’t let this last, we’ve had enough within our past

Although the lovely spring is here, within our hearts we still feel fear

Until this virus goes away,

all we can do is kneel & pray



Weak or strong, rich or poor

Restrictions we must face

To stop the spreading

& keep the people safe



Amazing how the people changed, so generous they have been

To watch Tom walk 100 times was something to be seen

He did it in his garden, 100 he will be

While all the world sent cards & gifts to this man in memory



We don’t know how long this bug will last & we get back to our lovely past

“But wondering” if the world will change, & things will start to re-arrange

Like certain rules will have to stay

Until this virus goes away



Hoping soon it will recover

& never ever have another

Just being back to what it used to be

& leave this bug in history


Poem by by Josie, Trish’s sister (apt 27)

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