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County council cabinet discusses council’s response to Covid-19

West Sussex County Council’s cabinet met virtually today to discuss how the county is coping amid the Covid-19 crisis as well discussing safeguarding and school provision in the county.




At the meeting cabinet noted this week’s decision by the regional schools commission to issue academy orders to two schools; Clapham and Patching C of E Primary School, near Worthing and Rumboldswhyke Church of England Infant School.





A decision which was due to be made around the closure of these schools was withdrawn following this news. The cabinet committed to work with them, the academy trusts and the RSC to support the process through the coming months.




Further updates were given during the meeting on the safeguarding adults board annual report, where the cabinet discussed how the county council works hard to protect and safeguard people across the county. Cllr Amanda Jupp presented a report by the safeguarding’s adults board.




The cabinet then discussed the council’s response to the Covid-19 emergency including detailed information about how West Sussex is responding to supporting the national test and trace system for the virus, the county’s care home resilience plan and an update on cycling and walking plans to support people moving around the county as restrictions ease. They discussed the funding pressures the council faces as a result of Covid-19.




Cllr Paul Marshall, leader of the council, said: “Covid-19 is having a massive impact on all of our lives and is affecting everything we, as a council, do to support residents.




“We are working really hard to make sure we support to our most vulnerable residents as well as providing services to all our residents to keep our county running despite the pandemic. We continue to raise with Government the significant rising costs of keeping our residents safe during this pandemic.




“I am proud of the work we are doing to continue to improve West Sussex as a county to live and work in, particularly today on Sussex Day, and would like to thank everyone who is working hard for our county, both here in the county council but also our district and borough councils, health and other partners and community groups.”





All the reports discussed can be found online at: and search “cabinet” and the meeting can be watched again via webcast here:


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