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Hip, hip, hair-ray! Bognor hairdressers aim to open at midnight

Clients eager to get their hair done for the first time in three months have put high demand on a Bognor Regis salon.


Now bosses at Lotus Styling in Aldwick Road will open their doors at a minute past midnight on July 4, the date set by Prime Minister Boris Johnson when salons can open their businesses.


The Prime Minister said: “Almost as eagerly awaited as a pint will be a haircut (particularly by me), and so we will reopen hairdressers with appropriate precautions, including the use of visors.”


To help out those desperately keen to have their locks trimmed, coloured and generally looked after weeks of frustration, salon owners Daren and Kate Terry say they are set to welcome back customers at the earliest possible time.


Husband and wife team Daren and Kate have been busy during the Covid-19 lockdown preparing their salon for the re-opening, and have re-configured their seating plan to accommodate the guidelines. To cater for the demand they have also opened up and kitted out the second floor of their building.


Daren said: “It’s great news that we can open at last and the sighs of relief from those in need of hair care have been palpable. We have been inundated with calls from folk desperate to make a booking and thanks to our hard work over lockdown we have geared up to ensure everyone can get in and enjoy our excellent service. Our new normal will be a better normal.


“We have one client who we have promised can come in and have her hair done just after midnight on July 4, but after that we’ll be keeping regular business hours.


“We have gone to great lengths to ensure safety and have bought a sizeable amount of PPE, have procedure in place to ensure we sanitise at every step of the client’s visit as well as introducing disposable towels.


“We’ve even bought a new coffee machine with people can help themselves to so as to not miss out on a hot drink when they are having their hair done.”


Meanwhile, Kate has reassured clients who are still a little concerned about venturing out after the lockdown that the protocols in place mean all the guidelines will be followed implicitly.


She added: “We take our responsibilities very seriously and that is why we have been meticulous in our preparation. It’ll be great to see some familiar faces, and news one, too, as we head back to something like the way we were before the coronavirus crisis.”

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