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Proposals revealed for 21km of temporary cycleways in West Sussex

West Sussex County Council is putting forward safe space cycling schemes to the Department for Transport to consider. This is the first stage of work in response to the easing of the Coronavirus lockdown.


If accepted, 21km of temporary cycle lanes would be provided to promote cycling as a replacement for journeys in areas which, until the COVID-19 crisis, were heavily reliant on public transport.


Cllr Roger Elkins, cabinet member for highways and infrastructure, said: “We have been working closely with our district and borough partners to look at a whole host of ways we can improve cycling provision as a direct response to the easing of lockdown. If the schemes get the go-ahead, they will form part of a series of measures which will make a real difference for cyclists in each of the county’s seven borough and district areas as the Government eases lockdown.


“There is no guarantee the Department for Transport will accept the schemes for funding, but we believe we have presented a good case which could result in 21km of new, temporary cycleways in West Sussex.


“Alongside these schemes which would require central funding, we will continue to work with our district and borough council partners on other measures which could be introduced at minimal expense but add even more safe space for cyclists.”


The seven schemes would involve a combination of temporary traffic management, such as cones and signing, light segregation using ‘traffic wands’, planters, water-filled barriers, road markings and temporary 20mph speed limits.



The schemes being put forward for funding in Bognor Regis and Chichester are:


A259 in Bognor Regis: widening the temporary surface where possible, cutting back overhanging vegetation and removing growth on the existing path, which has become narrow in places. Consideration would also be given to converting one lane of western dual carriageway to cycle/bus lane.


Railway Station to Spitalfield Lane, Chichester, including converting one lane of Oaklands Way to a cycle lane and linking with existing facilities, such as the cycle path on Broyle Road.


The Department for Transport required submission of all proposals by last week (Friday, June 5) so it can decide if they are suitable for funding. West Sussex County Council could receive up to £784,000 in funding – but this is not guaranteed and may be clawed back should schemes not be started within four weeks of allocation.


Cllr Elkins added: “We hope to make further announcements on funding for both walking and cycling provision in the county once we have details of a second tranche of funding.”
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