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New book by Bognor Regis author

For 30 years Ang Lee has been entertaining audiences with his thoughtful character explorations while pushing the boundaries of film technology.


Ellen Cheshire was the first person to write a book on Ang Lee in 2001. Now almost 20 years later she has returned once again to look at his 30+ year film career for In the Scene: Ang Lee.


Looking at the list of films that Lee has directed, it is hard to believe that one person could be behind them all. From his early Taiwanese films, through to his breath-taking reinvigoration of the Chinese wuxia genre with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, to the multiple award-winning gay love story Brokeback Mountain to his visionary use of 3D technology in Life of Pi and the technically innovative Gemini Man.


This book series from Supernova Books explores international film directors from around the world. In the Scene provides a film by film examination of an individual film director’s work, identifying themes and visual motifs that make their films their own.


In the same series also by Ellen Cheshire: Jane Campion is one of the few women filmmakers working today who has managed to create a unique body of work. This book will cover Jane Campion’s remarkable career from her award- winning debut short film Peel to her recent return to television with the Top of the Lake, reflecting on the influence of her study in anthropology as well as her formative years growing up in New Zealand.

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