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Sussex Police remain committed to taking action against anti-social behaviour in the county

Sussex Police remain committed to taking action against anti-social behaviour across the county.




Since the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions we have, as expected, seen the number of people meeting up with friends and family increase.




However, a small minority of members of the community have been acting in an anti-social behaviour way.




Chief Inspector Jon Carter, Force lead for anti-social behaviour, said: “We are aware of the concerns from the communities of Sussex in regards to anti-social behaviour from a small minority of people.




“Our officers have been engaging, explaining and encouraging members of the public and using enforcement as a last resort.




“The vast majority of the residents of Sussex when they are out and about, have taken personal responsibility around their behaviour and have been adhering to the government guidance during the pandemic.




“However, we are aware of a number of recent incidents which have caused concern not only within the community but also with us.




“The behaviour we have been seeing in terms of large gatherings, anti-social behaviour which in some instances resulted in violence, is completely unacceptable and we are committed to tackle those who persistently cause anti-social behaviour and disorder.




“Some of the incidents that we have seen recently have involved young people, however this is only a small minority. I recognise that the vast majority of young people behave in an entirely appropriate manner engage well with our officers and are considerate of their surroundings by clearing up after themselves and respecting their communities.




“I need to remind parents and guardians have the responsibility to ensure their children are not causing disruptive behaviour, and urge them to be more intrusive with their children about what they are doing and who they are with. Ultimately, we will also take action against parents if they are not taking their parental responsibility towards their children seriously.




“My message to those involved is simple. If you behave in an anti-social manner, you will be held to account. Your choice to engage in poor behaviour could have a lasting effect on your future and this is not something we would like to see happen.”

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