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Bognor Regis social media stars launch food truck

Social media stars, The Bald Builders, AKA Sam Hughes from Bognor Regis and Brad Hanson from Littlehampton, have launched their very own food truck, The Bald Kitchen.




The comedy duo, who have built up a large social media following and racked up millions of online views of their videos, decided Littlehampton’s food scene needed to be put on the map and so launched their very own food truck, The Bald Kitchen. Serving quality produce sourced from a local butcher. The menu includes items such as The Bald XL Burger, The Bald Chicken Burger and the belly-busting and oh so tasty Bald French Stick.




The Bald Kitchen is a state of the art Food Truck, with a unique Bald design, which is open Monday – Friday 8am to 3pm, Friday nights 5pm to 10pm and closed on Saturdays and Sundays for family time. Following in the true American food truck tradition, the location changes each day, between Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, with location updates shared on social media daily.



Staffed with members of Brad and Sam’s families, fondly referred to as The Bald Family, it is a real family affair. They also have a car delivery service, run by their friend Matt, available for customers who can’t visit in person.




“Before starting The Bald Builders, I was a full-time builder, and over the years I’ve eaten in many cafes while working out on site,” said Brad.



“Some have been great, and others not so good! Sam and I both believe in supporting our local community, and we’re always trying to give something back. Littlehampton and Bognor have so much going for them, but we thought it lacked a good quality food truck that serves amazing food, so we launched The Bald Kitchen.”




Sam added: “The opening day was terrific. We had so many local people come along to buy some food. Some of our followers even travelled from outside the county to show their support. Fantastic! We’ve spent a lot of time sourcing local quality produce. My favourite has got to be The Bald XL Burger. It’s pukka.”




Anyone wishing to order food or find out the up to date location of The Bald Kitchen can visit @thebaldkitchen on Facebook or Instagram. 

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