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Community flood-action schemes set to be given £260,000 boost

A total of more than £260,000 is set to be distributed in the latest rounds of Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund awards.


Eight projects will benefit from the county council fund, which encourages communities to act against flooding.


Cllr Roger Elkins, cabinet member for highways and infrastructure, said: “This latest round of awards is testament to the excellent work communities and our partner organisations are doing, working with the Operation Watershed team to take action against flood risk.


“Operation Watershed supports people in their local communities who want to work with the council to become more prepared for floods and help reduce the likelihood of highways or neighbouring land flooding.”


All eight of the awards will help reduce flood risk and improve drainage capacity.


The latest awards in the Post area include – subject to the council’s usual call-in period:


Easebourne Parish Council – this award will increase the capacity of a culverted watercourse system to stop flooding to the highway and properties. In February 2020, the culvert ruptured under two residential gardens, resulting in the River Ez taking a new course, flooding houses, businesses and temporarily blocked the A272 and A286 at North Mill Bridge. Local homes and businesses are at risk of flooding, which can occur within minutes of a heavy downpour. Sandbags remain at the front of houses all year round. The award will fund two new manholes, headwall and replacing the historic brick culvert running under the residential gardens, increasing the capacity with a larger plastic pipe.
Award: £32,116


Westhampnett Parish Council – Deep flooding occurs on the corner of Westerton Lane and Sidengreen Lane due to surface water being unable to flow through drains and on into ditches. The project will include increasing the capacity of the ditches and providing new highways gullies.
Award: £8,680


Fernhurst Parish Council – There is a natural gully linking two culverts running on the edge of Van Common adjacent and parallel to Vann Road. The problem section is the unlined gully between the two concrete tube culverts. This past winter, February and March, the gully has filled with water and overflowed both onto Vann Road and a public right of way footpath onto Van Common. The award will fund Vann Road bank improvement works and culvert replacement.
Award: £14,055


Middleton-on-Sea Parish Council – The parish council, residents and Arun District Council have worked together to protect properties and reduce the risk of storm flooding in the area. Part of the work along the drainage network is to improve the banks along North Avenue and North Avenue East Storm water course. The project will aim to reduce the risk of flooding in other parts of Middleton-on-Sea.
Award: £54,600


More details about Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund can be found at:

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