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The Annual Canvass Electoral forms – have you read yours?

Arun District Council have now delivered all the annual canvass forms to residents in the district.


The council say that this year ‘it is vital that you take a minute to read the form and take action, if you need to’. In previous years residents have had to respond to the canvass form, whether their details have changed or not, but this year the canvass is different.


The council say it will be clear from each letter whether residents need to respond or not. If you do, the quickest and easiest way to do this is online, and all the information you need is in the letter. Where at all possible, the council are asking people to respond online and not by post. They will not be sending out reply paid envelopes with the letters.


A spokesman said: “Responding online not only reduces cost and is better for the environment, but also removes the need for electors to go out to post the letter. For those unable to respond online there are options to enable them to respond by phone and text. All the instructions are in your letter.”


Nigel Lynn, chief executive at Arun District Council and also electoral registration officer for the district, said: “Due to the difficult and unusual times we are experiencing, we are working doing our best to ensure that we follow public health guidelines, while managing the annual canvass process.


“Please make sure you check your letter and that you are on the electoral register. If you’re not registered, your name will not appear on the letter. The easiest way to register is online at:  or we can send you information in the post explaining how to do this. You might want to consider applying for a postal vote for next year’s elections if you don’t already have one. Let us know by responding to your canvass letter and we can send you an application form.”


You can find more information about the annual canvass, including answers to frequently asked questions on Arun District Council’s website at: This will be updated regularly so the council can respond to questions people are asking.


If you need any more information, please contact the electoral services team on 01903 737616 or email at:

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